Re-imaging an existing station is a process of many details. While you do what you do best and run your business, let Petroimage professionals handle the process of re-imaging and double-check all the details with their Process Checklist, covering:

  • Canopies, including logos, vinyl, paint, and refurbishment.
  • Stores, including logos, decals, vinyl, paint, and ACM.
  • Carwash updates.
  • Fuel dispensers, including pump door replacement or refurbishment, valances and PIDs.
  • Signs, including new, replacement, refurbishment or maintenance for freestanding or high-rise signs, plus change outs of LED pricers.
  • Install and replace LED lights.
  • And more—just ask us if there are additional details in your reimaging.

Division of Petroleum Group


Running a successful retail location means staying up to date, and that includes how you present your petroleum company’s image. From ordering materials to overseeing installation, Petroimage's experience and value will make the process simple and smooth. Petroimage is a Certified Electrical Contractor, therefore all of our work is in-house, keeping the project cost low and job timeline short.

Our petroleum imaging services include:

1. Site Survey and Research

2. Estimating and Planning

3. Project design and specifications

4. Design approval and municipal permits

5. Project planning

6. Material order and inspection

7. Customer Fabrication

8. Pre-job planning

9. Project Implementation

10. Inspection