Cree Canopy LED


Cree has  announced  their new CREE Canopy Product line. The new CPY250 TM  luminaire has a slim low profile design can mount on virtually any canopy/soffit and is the perfect upgrade solution – the high-performance LED fixtures not only outperform existing LED and Metal Halide (MH) solutions but also offer a low total cost of ownership. One can easily save up to 75% on their  lighting  expenses when switching over!
Slim, low profile, easy mounting from below the deck. Luminaire housing constructed of rugged cast aluminum with integral heat sink specifically designed for LED. Luminaire mounts directly to the canopy deck in a 2.0" (51mm) to 4.0" (102mm) round hole and is secured in place with self-sealing screws that provide water-tight seal. Suitable for use in single or double skin canopies with a minimum 4.0 (102mm) wide panels and a minimum 22 gauge, 0.030" (0.7mm) canopy thickness. Direct imaging of LEDs is eliminated with high efficiency patterned flat or 0.91" (23mm) drop glass lens. 
This is true CREE Product. Qualifies for cash rebate. Check your local utility provider.

Qualification: UL, DLC
Watts: 122W
Color: 5700K (+ / - 500K) Standard, 4000K (+ / - 300K)
Beam Angle (°): 180
CRI: Minimum of 70
Input Voltage: 120-277
Warranty: 10 years on luminaire, 10 years on Colorfast DeltaGuard® finish


This canopy fixture includes CREE SMDs with a UL Driver which will be a great alternative for lighting in petroleum, hotel, and restaurant canopies.

Certification: Anti-explosion, CE
Watts: 130
Size: 415 x 415 x 200 mm
Power Factor:
LED Chip: Bridgelux
Lumens: 13000
Beam Angle (°): 100
Color: White
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 75
Driver: Meanwell UL Driver

122W CREE Canopy CPY250